How to Choose SEO Specialist Now a Days, Guidelines


In this article I have collected some information on how to choose an SEO specialist who collaborates with you or with your company in the development of your online project. If you want to know how to become a SEO specialist, I refer you to the dedicated article.

I have tried to articulate this post so as to cover some aspects of a choice that you will find yourself having to do. Practical, logistic and contractual aspects that a good SEO expert should foresee in the relationship with the client and therefore with you.

  • Where does the work of an SEO Specialist begin?
  • SEO consulting: when do you pay?
  • If we are not in the same city how do we work together?
  • You are an SEO expert so I want …
  • Wind is looking for an SEO Specialist, what does it require?

Where does the work of an SEO Specialist begin?

From a good strategy. So we come to the fateful question: “What is the reason why you want to have a site or have an online blog”?

Gravestone silence.

After a while we start to “shoot” such objectives:

  • I want to have so many visitors
  • I want to be first on Google
  • I want to sell more than what I sell in my local shop

Do you think these goals are worthy of an online project ? OK, maybe behind there are noble reasons and the goal has been badly formulated but then I would say that it is from here that the strategy of a serious SEO project worthy of the name starts .

We define the project objective

The SEO specialist , in this phase, I like to see him as a translator between the commonly used jargon and something practical on which to base a positioning strategy.


Once the goal has been mumbled, we will have to try to deepen it . We should be able to extract at least two goals:

  • A primary objective (macro-objective)
  • A secondary goal

This phase will allow us to better understand the potential customer and make a minimum selection of projects because some should not be taken just because they pay us!

We do not pollute Google with projects that are a scam. The work of the SEO consultant is a noble work that should have its own ethics. Since we would never offer to go and sell rip-offs why should we do it online?

After this small incision we continue with the definition of the goal. A goal to be such must be:

  • Specific and definable
  • Reachable in limited time, we don’t have the whole life ahead
  • Measurable

Having said that, we take the customer “by the hand” and together with him we define these goals once and for all.

Tip: the secondary objective must be something that helps and supports the main objective and must not be something that has nothing to do with the main one.

If the objectives are not correlated, you risk losing your resources and energy to achieve two mediocre results rather than an excellent one.

Let’s take an example:

If the main goal is to sell 10 pairs of shoes a month, the secondary objective could be to reduce the e-commerce checkout funnel dropout rate by 5%.

The first is a specific and defined business objective, achievable and measurable. The secondary objective, in turn, is related to the first, because decreasing the drop-out rate will most likely also increase the number of sales.

The action specialist

What is SEO?

Being an SEO consultant therefore means having clear goals about the objectives to be achieved, what strategy must be implemented and the subsequent activities to be undertaken.

We could summarize in these 6 macro-activities a seo strategy based on results:

  • Understand your client’s goal, just like a doctor does with the patient
  • Study the market and therefore the competitors. Both those who already have an online presence and those who do not yet have it (off-line), may tomorrow have it and then become new competitors. A SWOT analysis never hurts
  • Create a traffic acquisition strategy to support our goal, let’s not forget that search engines are not the only source of traffic!
  • Define project timelines
  • Implement the strategy
  • Measure the results
  • To make the client participate in the evolutions, we need dialogue, we must not retreat into our own world!

SEO advice but when do you pay?

Usually once done:

  • Brief
  • The audit to assess the state of the art of the portal or site
  • Defined strategies and objectives to be achieved

The first part of the work is invoiced. The output of the work must be the documentation of what has been done, of the problems encountered and of the strategy that has been decided to implement.

After that, once the strategy and the estimate have been accepted, the billing of the optimization activities begins, which is described in the strategy delivered to the customer.

If we are not in the same city how do we work together?

Even if we are far apart it does not mean that we cannot work together. There is Skype, ZOOM etc. all tools that allow us to reduce distances so that you can carry out your project easily.

For example, I offer my SEO services in Turin, Milan, but I also happened to work with companies in Rome.

Since many times I still get these doubts I recommend you don’t worry, if the project is long we can see each other live without any problem.

It is not because we work online that we must forget that we are real people and not virtual.

You are an SEO expert so I want …

You are an expert and therefore I want that:

  • Change the site at my request
  • Manage my email account
  • Manage all my social channels
  • Manage my SEM campaign


According to Google when you need an SEO?

Google Bestpractice

Google has made available to everyone some useful tips on what SEO is, but above all when you should ask for help from an SEO specialist

A section of the document that I would like to highlight is one in which we talk about how you should choose an SEO expert:

  • Be wary of SEOs, agencies and web consultants sending unsolicited emails
  • No one can guarantee the achievement of the first position in Google results
  • Be cautious if a company is reticent or does not clearly explain its intent
  • Never put a link to an SEO site
  • Choose with judgment <
  • Check where your money goes (Google does not accept money to improve a site’s position in search results)

How to recognize a “fraudulent” SEO consultant?

  • He is the owner of shadow domains
  • Links to other customers on doorway pages
  • It does not distinguish between actual search results and ads displayed on search results pages
  • It guarantees a position in the results, but only in correspondence of long and incomprehensible sentences composed of numerous keywords that you would get anyway
  • Gets traffic from “fake” search engines, spyware or “scumware”
  • His other domains have been removed from the Google index or are not present in the Google index

I  am looking for an SEO Specialist, what does it require?

An announcement appeared some time ago on Google is the one written by Wind that was looking for a figure SEO specialist with the following requirements.

Requirements for an SEO specialist

  • Excellent knowledge of SEO techniques and positioning factors on the main search engines
  • Ability to plan and implement SEO strategies in the medium and long term
  • In-depth knowledge of the main Web tools and Web Analytics
  • A previous experience in the e-commerce world is a preferential requirement

It could also be an interesting idea for you that you have to select and choose an SEO that will develop your project.


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